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If you’re protesting abortion, the Supreme Court says you can get right in women’s faces and scream at them on their way into the clinic. Because freedom of speech.

But if you try and protest the murder of a black man, you get tear gas fired at you.


A COMMEMORATION OF the 45th anniversary of the Free Speech Movement took place at the University of California at Berkeley last December 2nd. As the years fly by anniversaries become more significant as the students who participated exit the stage of life. The usual 10-year anniversary is now shortened to five years. Just recently the FSM gang that met for a potluck dinner decided to celebrate each year!

This year’s event coincided with the struggle of UC students from several of the campuses: Davis, Irvine, Santa Cruz and UCLA. The focus of the struggle has been the reaction to the 32% fee increase to over $10,000 a year to attend a California public university. Reminiscing over this decision FSM alumni remembered the fees in the 1950s to be around $60. Just ten years ago they were less than $5,000.

The cost of attending a UC has been steadily growing, making it more costly to obtain a university education. At the heart of this problem is the huge and growing deficit facing all public services in the state of California. Particularly hard hit are the schools — kindergarten through higher education.

Several us who were on hand to commemorate the 45th year of the FSM spoke on this crisis: that the corporate elites or 1% of the U.S. population owns close to half of the wealth and receives benefits of tax loopholes. According to the California Budget Project, tax cuts enacted in CA since 1993 have cost the state $11.3 billion each year. If the state had continued taxing corporations at the rates equal to those in place 15 years ago there would not be a state budget crisis today. Proposition 13, passed in 1978, limited property taxes to one percent and required two-thirds majority of the state legislature to pass the state budget.

To make matters worse and in the face of continued budget downturns; the tax laws were recently changed to provide further loopholes for the corporate wealthy to the tune of an estimated $2 billion a year. Presently there are moves afoot with two initiatives designed for split-roll taxation. To meet next year’s deficit budge we need to increase taxes on those who can pay and provide breaks for the state’s working people.

In bourgeois society capital is independent and has individuality, while the living person is dependent and has no individuality.
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the Hard Core


the Hard Core



After only 4 and a half hours of deliberation, the jury in Jacksonville, Florida, has found Michael Dunn guilty of the first-degree murder of Jordan Davis.

hope he gets murdered in jail


if you’re in a relationship the only pet name you should ever use for one another is comrade


do people understand that the protestors of Tienanmen Square were indeed…communist…



i think its funny how something called “Communist Party USA” is situated to the right of like, the Green Party and Jon Stewart

i like to tell myself that CPUSA is so far right because it’s like 90% FBI infiltrators so they all sit around like “okay, well, what should we say to make it look like CPUSA is communist? what do communists believe? vote for the democrats? i read in the new york post a lot of democrats are communists, maybe that would work”