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Back in the 19th century there was no such thing as passports people just used to breeze in and out of each other’s countries willy nilly - there were ‘foreigners’ who ended up serving in the parliaments of Germany, France, Spain - no one gave a fuck

Government deficits, the money supply, and GDP are abstractions that obscure the issues of power and distribution of wealth that are the consequence of a given political system. These abstractions make no sense as ends in themselves. A public deficit just means that a sovereign has spent money into the economy that it hasn’t taxed back. It doesn’t say whether that money was spent on bombs or schools or pure graft. A country can have a high GDP because a small subset of the population sells tons of luxury goods and financial instruments to each other while everyone else starves. Ultimately, what matters is the quality and distribution of resources. Those at the very tip of our economic pyramid understand that fiat money is unlimited, but most everyone below believes it to be scarce. We live under austerity and debt. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The idea that we don’t have the “money” to supply essential public goods to everyone is a pernicious myth that can only be maintained so long as we remain ignorant of how money actually functions. But this myth is merely justification for power structures that are ultimately backed by guns and the vastly unequal distribution of our finite planet’s resources. Knowledge is no substitute for political power. It is merely somewhere to start.
The World According to Modern Monetary Theory,” Rebecca Rojer, The New Inquiry (via mayhap)



Fidel giving a speech in Havana, Cuba, 1978. Marcelo Montecino.


No friends but the mountains.

Peshmerga freedom fighters in eastern Kurdistan during the 1980s.

Fleetwood Mac - Gold Dust Woman
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Rock on, gold dust woman
Take your silver spoon and dig your grave…



Pallas Cat Kittens (x) - Wildlife Heritage Foundation

Wee living muppets.

would lenin be any good at basketball


Now, his shooting form is fucked up. I don’t know why his left arm is so low, it looks like he probably didn’t even use it to guide the ball. His right hand is releasing wayyyy lower than you want to be. He probably had no arc on his shot. His legs look completely straight and not bent, so that’s a negative too. That ball looks like it’s gonna brick off the back of the rim so, from studying this play, it looks like Lenin was not a baller. 


╰☆╮Comandante Che Guevara╰☆╮


╰☆╮Comandante Che Guevara╰☆╮